About Us

Maitrepa is a spiritual tour operator in India which caters to domestic and international spiritual travellers.

We offer a holistic service which takes care of all your travel needs. These include:

  1. Helping you decide your travel destination based on your interests
  2. Making bookings for your arrival and departure
  3. Arrange comfortable accommodation
  4. Providing conveyance and guides for sightseeing
  5. Currency exchange
  6. Travel insurance

Apart from the above-mentioned services, we also help spiritual organizations to conduct spiritual retreats at various places in India. Our long list of spiritual travel destinations and world-class service ensures customer delight. At Maitrepa, our understanding of the different needs of spiritual travellers helps us meet these needs without fail.

If you want to explore spiritual destinations in India and want a hassle free, smooth journey, you have come to the right place.

Our Team

We are a team of young and vibrant spiritual seekers who have travelled extensively to several spiritual locations of significance in India. These journeys have helped us in understanding the difficulties experienced by spiritual travellers. This inspired us to come together to create an enterprise with the aim of providing world-class services to both domestic and international spiritual travellers. At Maitrepa, work is not a job but service to the spiritual enthusiasts and seekers who embark on journey for inspiration and awakening.

Why Choose Us

At Maitrepa, we offer a long list of spiritual destinations, many of which might be lesser-known but are of great spiritual significance nonetheless. This, coupled with our world-class service, is what makes us the first choice for our esteemed customers.

Following are some of the reasons which differentiate us from the rest of the service providers:

    • For travellers who are unsure about their travel destination we can suggest possible destinations based on your spiritual interest and inclination.

    • Before the start of the pilgrimage, we provide brochures about the spiritual significance of the places on the itinerary.

    • Managed by spiritual seekers, we understand the mindset of spiritual travellers as reflected in our pilgrimage itineraries. The destinations and durations of stay are decided after thoughtful consideration of the spiritual significance of the places.

    • Apart from choosing from fixed itinerary and fixed day departure pilgrimages, you can customize your itinerary by deciding the places you would like to visit and the duration of your travel.

    • We manage retreats for spiritual organizations at various places in India.